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It is your best friend's birthday and you haven't been able to find that perfect gift to surprise him/her. Finding birthday gifts for friends can be stressful. So we've compiled a list of the best birthday gifts your friends will surely love!

Unique birthday gifts that friends will surely love!

1. Happy Birthday Wood Sign

The best birthday gifts for friends - birthday gifts for her - birthday gifts for him- best friend gift ideas - Woodgeekstore

Birthday cards may be clichéd but a Happy Birthday wood sign custom engraved with a name isn't! Wish your friend a very happy birthday with this cute wood sign engraved with his/her name. A cool and unique gift idea for your friend.

2. Sisters Before Misters Wood Sign & Bamboo Notebook

Sisters Before Misters Carved Wood Sign - Birthday Gifts for Female Friends - Woodgeek Store

Sisters before misters. Isn't that something we remind our girlfriends all the time? So why not gift your bestie a wood sign or bamboo notebook engraved with your #1 friendship rule? This cool wooden engraved birthday gift will let her know that you will stand by her no matter what.

Sisters Before Misters Wooden Journal Notebook - Birthday Gifts for Female Friends - Woodgeek Store

3. Brother From Another Mother Wooden Notebook

There are friends and there are friends who are more like brothers. This wooden notebookis for that male friend who is more of a brother than a friend. A unique birthday gift for your closest pal ever.

Brother From Another Mother Wooden Journal Notebook - Birthday Gifts for Male Friends - Woodgeek Store

4.Gift for F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fans

A special birthday gift for that friend who is the Monica to your Rachel

You're The Monica to my Rachel Wood Engraved Notebook - Gifts for Friends Fans - Birthday Gifts for best Friend - Woodgeek Store

Friends come and go, but Monica has her Rachel always. A birthday gift for that lifelong girlfriend who has seen you through all the weird phases of your life. Take your pick from You're the Monica to my Rachel notebook and wooden poster!

Best F.R.I.E.N.D.S Forever Wood Sign & Notebook

Best F.R.I.E.N.D.S forever notebook- Birthday gift for your best friend - Gifts for Bff - Woodgeek Store

This BFF wooden poster and bamboo notebook are for that friend who took the I'll be there for you tagline of the show very literally. This birthday gift will remind her that you are and will always be her best friend.

5. A birthday gift that certifies him/her as The World's Best Friend

World's Best friendcertificate - Best friend Award - birthday gifts for friends - Woodgeek Store

Birthday cards are mainstream, but certificates aren't. Gifting your friend a wooden certificate declaring that they are the world's best friend will undoubtedly be the best birthday gift they will receive! It's personal and unique!

Not just best friend certificate, you can also gift your friend funny certificates that certify him/her as the biggest drama king/queen, funniest person, most annoying person. Take your pick from these fun awards and certificates.

6.Wooden sunglasses for the fashion conscious friend

Journayman Wooden Sunglasses - Bamboo Sunglasses - Personalized Sunglasses - Best Gifts for friends - Birthday gift ideas -  Woodgeek Store

Sunnies never go out of style and when they're made of wood, they stand out! Personalize these wooden sunglasses with your name! These uber cool sunglasses come in an even cooler bamboo box that can be customized with a special message wishing a friend a very Happy Birthday.

Hipster wooden suglasses- Birthday Gift idea for friends - Round Sunglasses - Woodgeek Store

7.Cool Wooden Glasses for your 'Specsy' friend

Wooden eyeglasses - prescription glasses- Wooden eyeglasses - Birthday gifts for friends - Woodgeek Store

Your best friend deserves prescription glasses that make a statement. As they say 'See better, look perfect', custom engraved wooden glassesare a clever birthday gift idea for a friend who needs or loves glasses.

Wooden eyeglasses- eyewear- spectacles online - Best Friend Birthday gifts - Woodgeek Store

8.A birthday gift for the book-loving friend

Books  not lent here wood carved signs - Birthday Gift ideas - Gifts for Bookworms - Woodgeek Store

Books are not lent here wood sign for the bookworm. You know how much your bibliophile friend hates sharing her books. So what better than a book not lent here sign for your friend's birthday?

9.A birthday gift for the know-it-all friend

You're so wise , you are like a miniature buddha bamboo wood notebook- Birthday gift for best friend - Woodgeek Store

"You're so wise. You're like a miniature Buddha with hair." We all have that know-it-all friend. This fun bamboo notebook is the best birthday gift for that friend who claims to have a solution to every problem.

10.A fashionable birthday gift for friends - Wood Bowties

Wooden Bowtie - Bow tie for men - Birthday gifts for him - birthday gifts for men - birthday gifts for male friend - Woodgeek Store

Bowties are trendy, fun, modish and even cooler when they come in wood! A quirky yet simple gift for a stylish friend on his/her birthday. Now share his birthday fashionably.

11. A special birthday gift for the 'Music is everything' friend

Linkin Park wooden poster-  Linkin Park poster- Chester Poster - wood poster- Birthday gifts for friends - Woodgeek Store

What do you gift a friend who knows the lyrics to every song possible - the music lover and music snob of your group? A poster of their favourite music bandor singer is an unbeatable birthday gift for a music lover. Fan of Linkin Park? This wooden poster will make them jump with joy. Can't find what you like? Make your own music poster!

12. A zodiac sign poster for the horoscope-obsessed friend

Gemini poster- Gemini horoscope- wood posters - Birthday gift ideas - Gift Ideas for friends- Woodgeek Store

Do you have that friend who never forgets to read her zodiac forecast? A wooden poster engraved with their zodiac sign would be the perfect birthday gift for him/her.

Virgo poster- wood  poster-  Zodiac Sign Artwork - Birthday Gifts for friends - Woodgeek Store

13. A birthday gift for animal lovers

All You Need Is Love and Dogs - Wooden Signs with Sayings - Gifts for Dog Lovers - Birthday Gifts for Best Friend - Woodgeek Store

gifts for dog lovers - dog themed gifts - certificates- gifts for animal lovers - animal lover certificate -personalised gifts for dog lovers- birthday gifts ideas - Woodgeek Store

All you need is love and dogs and a gift that celebrates your love for dogs!This wood sign is perfect for that friend whose world revolves around his/her pet. Do you think your cynophilist friend is the Best Dog Mom Ever? Here's a wooden certificate stating so!

Is your friend a cat person? Then she will definitely appreciate this Crazy Cat Lady wooden certificate!

gifts for cat lovers- personalised gifts for cat lovers- personalised gifts for animals lovers cat gifts for her- unique gifts for cat lovers - birthday gifts - Woodgeek Store

14. Birthday Gifts for Tech Nerds

gifts for coders - gifts for programmers - nerdy gifts for him- nerdy gifts for her-tech gifts- birthday gifts idea- woodgeekStore

You know that friend who loves coding and the world of computers? The best birthday gift for that friend would be a wooden notebook or wood sign engraved with Eat, Sleep, Code, Repeat or Born To Code!

Tech gifts- Birthday gift ideas for nerds- Birthday gifts for friends - gifts for coders- woodgeek Store

15.A birthday gift for the shoe-obsessed friend

Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world - Wood Carved Sign - Wooden Signs With Sayings - Gifts for Women - Gifts for Her - Woodgeek Store

Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world. A wood sign for the friendwho truly believes that she can conquer the world with the right pair of shoes. This is the quintessential birthday gift for the Sarah Jessica Parker of your gang!

16.Birthday gifts for the TV show lovers

harry potter hogwarts letter- hogwarts acceptance letter- wood poster- Birthday gifts for friends- Gifts for harry Potter fans - Potterhead Gifts - Woodgeek Store

Let's admit it! We all have that one friend obsessed with all things Game of Thrones or Harry Potter or both! What better than a Harry Potter or GOT themed birthday gift for him/her? Here's a list of Harry Potter gifts to choose from - Hogwarts Letter to Always wooden notebook and phone case.

Harry Potter Always Phone Case - Harry Potter Phonecovers - Best harry potter gifts - Harry Potter birthday ideas - Birthday gifts- Woodgeek store

Khaleesi Phone case - game of thrones gifts - game of thrones - gifts for him - game of thrones gift ideas - game of thrones gifts for her - Birthday gifts - Birthday gift ideas for Friends - Woodgeek Store

For the Game of Thrones obsessed person, gift them a You know nothing Jon Snow wood sign or Hodor wooden sign, a Tyrion Lannister wooden poster, the Iron Throne wooden poster or phone case, the Dragon Queen poster or Khaleesi wood phone cover.

game of thrones gifts - game of thrones gifts for him - game of thrones gift ideas - game of thrones gifts for her - Birthday gifts - Birthday gift ideas - Woodgeek Store

harry potter birthday ideas - harry potter themed gifts - unique harry potter gifts - Birthday gifts for friends - harry potter notebook - Woodgeek Store

17.Birthday Gifts for the Football Aficionados

Galacticos Manchester United Poster - gifts for football lovers - football gifts for him - football gifts for boys - football gifts for men - unique football gifts - birthday gifts for men- Woodgeek Store

What can you gift a friend who talks about nothing but football? Nothing will make him/her happier than a wooden poster of his favourite football player or football club logo. This would be an ideal birthday gift for a football lover!

sports gifts for men -best gifts for football fans - football themed gifts - gifts for football fans - birthday gifts for friends- Woodgeek Store

18. The perfect birthday gift for your partners in crime

Partner in crime notebook for friends - Birthday Presents - Friendship Gifts - Birthday Gifts for Friends - Woodgeek store

One plot and the other executes. he/she is the partner you cause all the trouble with. Gift your friend this Partner in Crime bamboo notebook on his/her birthday so they can write down your next plan of action.

19. No. 1 wingman wooden notebooks for your friend

Number 1 Wingman - Notebooks for Friends - Best Gifts for Friends - Gift ideas for men - gifts for men - gift items for men - birthday gifts - Woodgeekstore

He is the Barney to your Ted, the Batman to your Robin, the Watson to your Sherlock, the Samantha to your Carrie. This is the friend who is always trying to set you up with the girl or boy you like. A funbirthday gift ideafor your wingman or wing woman.

In case, you don't like the above mentioned wooden products, here's something interesting for you. You can customize your own. Upload your image and text and we will design a customized gift for your friend.

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