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Father's Day Gifts - Father's day Personalized Gifts - Woodgeek Store

He's the cooler parent, the one who let you make mistakes, stay out past curfew hours after some emotional blackmail and gave you extra pocket money. He saved you from mom's anger when you did something wrong but also instilled values in you that made you the person you are today.

Best Photo Gifts - A Wooden Notebook Engraved With Family Picture - Best Father's day Gift - Woodgeek Store

What do you gift a man who has given you everything? This Father's Day, celebrate this camaraderie with a special gift. For all those who don't know, Father's Day is on 18th June 2017.

Best Father's Day Gifts For Dad

Custom Engraved Wooden Eyeglasses for Dad

Customized Wooden Spectacle Frames - Geek Glasses - Father's Day Gifts - Woodgeek Store

Customized Wooden Eyeglasses Engraved With A Name or Initials - Personalized Father's day Gifts - Woodgeek Store

His eyesight is not as strong as it used to be. He needs a pair of eyeglasses to read the papers or to read the board across the room. A pair of eyeglasses would make a practical gift for your father on Father's Day. But super dads deserve something cooler than off-the-shelf spectacle frames. They deserve the best like these unique wooden spectacle frames. That's not all! Woodgeek Store adds an emotional touch to this practical gift for your father by giving you the option of customization. You can personalize the wooden eyeglasses and the bamboo box it comes in with a name, initials or any text of your choice!

World's Best Dad Bamboo Wood Notebook

World's Best Dad Wooden Notebook - Best Father's Day Gifts - Woodgeek Store

While it's easy to laugh with fathers, it isn't as easy to tell them you love them. So tell him he is the World's Best Dad with a wooden notebook. You know he will love it and will probably flaunt this special father's day gift for a long time to come.

Wood Journal: Father's Day Gifts From Daughter

Daddy's Little Girl Wooden Notebook - Nobody loves a girl more than her father - Cool Father's day Gifts - Woodgeek Store

There's no arguing that fathers love their daughters a little more than they love the boys. Fathers show their daughters what a gentleman is supposed to be like and sets standards against which she judges all men. She knows no matter what, no one can love a girl more than her father. This engraved bamboo wood notebook is the best father's day gift from a daughter.

Wooden Bow Tie for the Dandy Dad

Birch Wood Bow Tie - White Bow Tie - Bow Tie for Dad - Wooden Bow Tie - Woodgeek Store

Gifting ties for Father's Day are pretty common. Replace the plain old boring necktie with a wooden bow tie. He may be a little hesitant to try a bow tie, but you could give him a style makeover and I promise he will not look back again! A wooden bow tie is perfect for the dandy dad.

Polarized Wooden Sunglasses for Father's Day

Personalized Wooden Sunglasses Customized with a special message for dad - Polarized Sunglasses - Unique Father's Day Gifts - Woodgeek Store

Engraved Bamboo Wood Sunglasses Box - Best Father's Day Gifts - Woodgeek Store

Most fathers either don't shop on their own or only buy things they claim are a utility. Sadly, most of them do not consider sunglasses a utility and the ones who do, end up buying sunglasses you would rather not have them wear. This Father's Day, replace his old sunglasses for cool wooden sunglasses that are not just polarized but also stylish. Like the wooden spectacle frames, Woodgeek Store lets you add a personal touch to your wooden sunglasses by personalizing them with any text on the temple of the wooden sunglasses and its bamboo box.

Timeless Wood Phone Cases For Father's Day

Engraved Wooden Phone Cases for Dad - Coolest Father's day Gifts - Woodgeek Store

For the man who only gets better with age, the best Father's Day gift would be a wooden phone case that also ages gracefully. Plus, they're one-of-a-kind because the wood grain of every wood is different making every phone case different from one another. Woodgeek Store has a collection of pre-engraved phone cases ranging from inspirational quotes to sports, travel, and art.

A Truly Personalized Gift For Father's Day

A personalized journal for dad - Customized Bamboo Wood Journal with Image Engraving - Fathers Day Gifts - Woodgeek Store

Custom Engraved Phone Case for Dad - Bamboo Wood Phone Case Engraved With Image - Personalized father's day Gifts - Woodgeek Store

Nothing can beat the charm of a personalized gift. A gift made solely for that special person celebrates and strengthens the bond you have with that person. Personalization adds so much value to a gift. A foolproof way to make your father's day a happy one is a personalized wooden notebook and wooden iPhone case. He will definitely appreciate the time and effort you put into getting him a personalized gift. Woodgeek Store lets you engrave not just text but images on bamboo wood notebooks and wooden phone cases. Engrave a picture of you with your father along with a special Father's Day message on a wood journal or wood phone case. This will probably make you his favourite kid!

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