January 17, 2019 5 min read

You will forever be my always!

If there’s one time to up your romance game, it is Valentine's Day. Flowers and scented candles are great, but this Valentine's Day, do something different. Gift your sweetheart something personal and thoughtful and watch the joy in his/her face as they unwrap their special gift. Whether you’ve spent countless Valentine’s Days together or have just started dating, a romantic gift from Woodgeek Store will show your special person that your heart belongs to them.

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The secret to Valentine’s Day isn’t extravagance. It’s about determining the gesture that will mean the most to the person you love. From customized posters, love-themed crossword blocks to heartwarming love journals, these gift ideas have you covered no matter your budget. Read on for the full list, and start planning how you’re going to make this Valentine's Day more special and memorable than ever before.

1. Wooden Crossword Names On Wall

Valentine's Day usually hovers around the cliched. So if you're trying to set the mood a little different this Valentine's Day, you're going to need something a little more romantic than the predictable bouquet of roses or giant teddy bear. Unique wooden crossword wall art to the rescue! Each block is made of wood and can be customized with letters, symbols, and numbers. Tell a story, write your names or play with words that resonate with the two of you through these crosswords. Here are some ways to arrange these love crosswords and amp up your Valentine's room decor.

Personalized Couple Name Wooden Crossword Wall Art

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I Love You Wooden Scrabble Wall Art

I Love You Wooden Crossword Blocks - Crossword Love -  I Love You Gifts - Unique Gifts For Valentine's Day - Romantic Gift Ideas - Wall Decor - Laser Engraved Wooden Products - Personalized Wood Gifts - Woodgeek - Woodgeekstore

Personalized Wooden Crossword Wall Art With Initials

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2. Romantic Wooden Certificates of Love

Paper certificates are boring, outdated and susceptible to wear and tear. So here at the Woodgeek Store, we have revamped award certificates into an interesting and exciting gift idea made out of wood! Fun and new, these wooden certificates make for amazing gifts for the special person of your life. If your partner makes you feel loved and special, it is only right that you make them feel the same way. Flowers, soft music, fancy dinner at a 5 star can all be a part of your Valentine's Day celebration, but personalized romantic wooden certificates will make all the difference. Hand them this unique Valentine's Day gift custom engraved with their name and watch them melt with joy and happiness.

World's Best Husband Wooden Certificate

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World's Best Wife Wooden Certificate

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Certificate of Love For The World's Best Boyfriend

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Certificate of Love For The World's Best Girlfriend

Customized Certificate Of Love - Best Girlfriend Certificate - Wood Certificate Plaque - Certificate Design Online - Get Certificate Online - Woodgeek - Woodgeekstore

3.Personalized Wooden Name Plates And Hanging Wood Signs For Couples

Wooden Couple Name Plate

Talk about cute gifts! These wooden couple name plates can be custom engraved with your partner's name and your name. You can even add a special message or the date you met as subtext. Your partner can keep this personalized gift of love on desk tops or even adorn the walls of his/her home. A unique and romantic Valentine's gift for him and her!

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Personalized Romantic Hanging Wood Signs For Couples

Looking to keep your Valentine's Day cozy and intimate? Cook a meal with your partner or watch a series together. Make the day even more special by gifting them a romantic hanging wood sign personalized with your names on it. Surprise your husband or wife with a special hanging wood sign for couples and watch them beam with joy. Add a short message of your liking to it and hang it at the entrance of your house. Tell him/her what they already know, that your heart and home is where they are!

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    4. Romantic Wooden Signs

    Wood signs are a hot new decorating trend and it's easy to see why they've become such a rage. Romantic wood carved signs are very popular in home decor because love is always worth celebrating. Woodgeek Store makes romantic wooden signs which speak to the heart. Choose from wooden signs with sayings engraved with popular love quotes or poems - from Neruda's love poem, 'I love you as certain dark things are to be loved in secret, between the shadow and the soul' to a fairytale love story quote 'Love, Laughter & Happily Ever After' to a Marry Me? love sign and many more! If you want a custom wood sign engraved with a photo and special message, you can order a 'Customize your own wood sign'. Your dearest will definitely appreciate how much thought you've put into curating a gift as different as this.

    Our Love Story Timeline Wood Sign

    Customized Love Story Timeline Wood Sign - Wood Carved Signs - Custom Wood Engraving - Best Love Gift - I Love You Gifts - Unique Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day - Wooden Items Online - Woodgeek - Woodgeekstore

    Fingerprint Heart Custom Wood Sign

    Fingerprint Heart Custom Wood Sign - Home Decor Signs - Personalised Wooden Plaques - Personalised Wooden Plaques - Valentine's Gifts Online - Romantic Gift Ideas - Online Wood Shop - Made Out Of Wood -  Woodgeek - Woodgeekstore

    I Am Never Not Thinking Of You Wood Sign

    I Am Never Not Thinking Of You Wood Sign - Wood Carved Signs - Engraved Wood Sign - Cute Valentine's Day Gift - Best Love Gifts - Custom Gift - Woodgeek - Woodgeekstore

    Pooh: How Do You Spell Love? Wood Sign

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    Love, Laughter And Happily Ever After Wood Sign

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    Marry Me? Wood Sign

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    A Grand Adventure Is About To Begin Wood Sign

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    I Choose You Wood Sign

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    5. Romantic Posters

    Romantic wooden posters are another thoughtful gift you can present your beloved with.Everybody needs a little reminding of how loved they are. This Valentine's Day, gift your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wifethese custom engraved wooden frames to remind them of your love. Our wooden posters come in circular, heart-shaped and in a rectangular frame. You can get them engraved with a photo of your loved one and a love quote or personal message to go with it. Presents that feel personal are not only safe bets, but they also make for the best gifts. So profess your irrevocable love with these beautiful personalized gifts confidently and make this Valentine's the best one till date.

    You Complete Me Personalized Heart Shaped Wooden Poster

    You Complete Me Customised Heart Shaped Wooden Poster - Wall Posters - Top Valentines Day Present - Wood Art - Buy Posters Online - Unique Gift Ideas - Wood Material - Woodgeek - Woodgeekstore

    Ever Thine Ever Mine Ever Ours Personalized Wooden Heart Shaped Poster

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    Customize Your Own Poster With A Love Message And Couple Photo

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    'I Wrote Your Name In The Sand' Wooden Love Letter

    I Wrote Your Name On The Sand Wooden Love Story - Wooden Products Online - Valentines Presents - I Love You Gifts - Wood Engraved Products - Romantic Gift Ideas - Couple Gifts - Vday Gifts - Woodgeek - Woodgeekstore

    'My Best Friend, My Love My Soulmate' Personalized Wooden Poster

     My Best Friend, My Love My Soulmate Personalized Wooden Poster - Customized Wooden Posters - Carved Wooden Posters - Top Selling Woodworking Items - Unique Gifts - Gift Ideas For Couples - Presents For Couples - Woodgeek - Woodgeekstore

    Customize Your Own Poster With A Love Message And A Photo Of The Two of You

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    'There Is A Madness In Loving You' Personalized Wooden Circular Poster

    There Is A Madness In Loving You Personalized Wooden Circular Poster - Customized Circular Posters - Buy Posters Online - Present Ideas For Couples - Items Made From Wood - Couple Items - Woodgeek - Woodgeekstore

    6.Love Journals

    Love journals can make great gifts for your special person on Valentine's Day. These romantic notebooks have heart melting quotes engraved on them. You can also get a beautiful photo of you and your beloved engraved on the wooden front cover of these notebooks and add amorous quotes expressing your love to your partner. Explore these wooden diaries as a couple, writing things you love about each other, use it as a planner to plan all the things you want to do as a couple, or even as a diary for everyday use. The choices are unlimited. These romantic journals are a unique way to appreciate your partner on Valentine's Day.

    My Heart Is And Will Always Be Yours Bamboo Notebook

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    Amor De Ma Vie Romantic Notebook

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    Customize your own notebook with love quotes

    Customised Love Journal - Engraved Wooden Notebooks - Best Gifts For Valentines Day - I Love You Gifts - The Wood Shop  - Personalized Gift Items - Wooden Diary - Gifts For Couples - Woodgeek - Woodgeekstore

    Here's Wishing You A Very Happy Valentine's Day!

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