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Finding the perfect romantic gift for your boyfriend or husband in this age of mass-produced goods can be a Herculean task. Gifts for that special someone should be thoughtful and custom made for him. We play Cupid at the Woodgeek Store and help you create the best engraved gifts for him.

Personalised Gifts for him - Woodgeek Store

Customised gifts for boyfriend - Woodgeek Store

Unique Personalized Romantic Gifts for Men

1. Engrave his favourite sports club or player

Wooden phone case and notebook for every football lover - Woodgeek Store

Custom engrave a wood journal, wooden iPhone case, wood frame sunglasses and wooden prescription glasses case with the logo of his favourite football club or favourite player. There is nothing more romantic than a woman who understands her boyfriend's love for football or cricket. This is a perfect customized gift for the sports lover. The football fan in him will love you forever. We can even engrave the name of his favourite club on the temple of the glasses.

Buy Custom engraved Dhoni bamboo notebook - Woodgeek Store

Cricket is a religion in India and if your boyfriend happens to be a worshiper, gift him an engraved bamboo wood notebook, wooden Iphone phone case, wooden sunglasses and wood frame optical eyeglasses case with his favourite cricketer.

Buy custom engraved bamboo Roger Federer notebook for all tennis lovers - Woodgeek Store

Not a football or cricket fan? We can create personalized engraved gifts for tennis lovers or any other sports lover.

2. Engrave his favourite sports bike or car

Custom Engraved Wooden Iphone Case for Bike Lovers - Harley Davidson - Woodgeek Store

Men and cars! If his first love is a car or a bike, a custom engraved bamboo notebook, wooden iPhone case, wood frame sunglasses and wooden eyewear case with his dream bikeor car is the best gift for him.

3. Engrave a travel diary or adventure journal

Custom engraved Travel Journal - Woodgeek Store

Customized engraved bamboo sunglasses- Wanderlust - Woodgeek Store

Travelling is way of life and if your boyfriend is among those who love to travel, the best gift for him would a personalised notebook or wooden iPhone case with a travel quote or a picture from his travels on it to jot down his experiences. Gift him our polarized wooden sunglasses with a special message on the temple or the case of his glasses.

4. Engrave the lyrics of his favourite song

Customized engraved bamboo notebook for music lovers - Woodgeek Store

Romance and music go hand in hand and if you have a music lover for a boyfriend, the perfect gift for him would be a customized wooden iPhone case engraved with the lyrics of his favourite song or a personalized wooden journal engraved with his favourite band or wooden sunglasses and wood frame spectacle frames with a personalized case.

5. Engrave a couple picture or a picture of him

Custom Engraved wooden phone case with couple image - Woodgeek Store

What better way to say it than a picture of the two of you or a picture of him engraved on a bamboo notebook or wooden phone case. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Add a famous love quote or a personal love note to go with the picture and engrave your names in wood. It's a thoughtful and intimate gift.

6. Engrave his name or a small text on the temple of his sunglasses or prescription glasses

Custom made gifts for men - Woodgeek Store

Custom engraved bamboo sunglasses with a name - Woodgeek Store

Gift him hand crafted wooden sunglasses or wooden optical eyeglasses engraved with his name, both your initials or a small text with a 15 character limit on the temple of the glasses this Valentine's Day. Our sunglasses and prescription glasses come in a bamboo wood case, which can also be engraved.

7. Engrave a love message in another language

Custom engraved bamboo notebook in Bengali - Rabindranath Tagore - Woodgeek Store

Say it in another language. This is the most unique customized gift for men. Tell him you love him in French or any Indian language. We engrave messages in Hindi, Bengali and other Indian languages too. After all, somethings only sound right in a certain language and we wouldn't want your love note to get lost in translation. Engrave your message in any language on our custom wood journals, wooden phone cases and wooden sunglasses and wood frame optical glasses or choose from our existing regional language notebooks.

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