December 22, 2017 3 min read

Wood Wall Art Decor for Homes - Home Decor - Woodgeek Store

Fear not the blank walls of your home anymore! Instead, use them as the perfect canvas to show off your creativity. Add personality and style to your home with wooden artwork. Carved wooden posters will infuse warmth and rustic charm into your home. Not sure how to display your wall art decor? The good thing is there are no rules! Use your imagination and get to work. Here are some easy wall decor options:

1. Cover every inch of your wall with wooden artwork! Create an eclectic assortment of wooden posters engraved with pictures, art, and wood word signs in different sizes and woods. An unmatched wooden gallery wall will give an informal free-spirited look to the room.

2. Make a statement with a large wooden poster. Let a large wood wall hanging be the attention grabber in your room. Hang your favourite piece of wood artwork over a chest of drawers in your living room or above your bed in your bedroom.

Wooden Word Sign - Quote posters - Wooden Wall art Decor from Woodgeek Store

3. Create a clean and classic gallery wall by hanging carved wooden posters in the same size in a grid form with equal space between each piece.

4. If hanging art is too much commitment and making holes in the walls to hang the art is not an easy decision to make, place a couple of carved wooden posters on tables and shelves along with other decorative items. Each carved wooden poster comes with a tabletop stand and wall mounting keyhole.

Woodgeek Store has a wide variety of art based wooden posters, wooden typography art and customized wooden posters that can be engraved with any photo and text in different shapes and sizes. Take your pick from these carved wood wall art.

Bring In A Bit Of Nature Into Your Home With Botanical Designs Carved On Wood Posters

Nature Art Wood Wall Art Decor - Rose Wooden Poster by Woodgeek Store

Lotus Art Wood Wall Hanging & Wooden Poster from Woodgeek Store

Butterfly Art Wooden Wall Decor and Wooden Poster by Woodgeek Store

Bring the great outdoors into your home with wooden artwork carved with designs of flora and fauna. Keep nature close to you with engraved nature art for your walls.

Seep In Spirituality & Culture With Carved Wooden Posters

Of Gods & Goddesses

Whether you are a religious person or want to add a bit of culture and heritage to your home, let carved wooden posters of Gods and Goddesses decorate your walls.

Spiritual Posters for Your Home - Om Wooden Wall Art Decor for your walls - Woodgeek Store

Shiva Wooden Poster

Hop On The Typography Trend Bandwagon With Wooden Word Art

Create an artsy wall of typography art. Fill up a blank wall in your house with words that inspire you. These wooden wall signs with quotes will keep you inspired and add a fun decor to your home.

Goal Digger Wall Poster for home and office - Woodgeek Store

Good Vibes Only Wooden Poster - Quotes Poster for Your Walls

Diva Wood Sign by Woodgeek Store

YOLO Word Sign and Wooden Poster by Woodgeek Store

Display Love For Favourite Movies, Characters, TV Series & Artists

Your home must reflect your personality and style and what is more you than displaying your love for your favourite movies, TV series, characters or artists on your walls. Are you a Harry Potter fan? Add a Hogwarts Letter for the muggles to see. If you are a Game of Thrones fan, let the Iron Thone wooden posteradorn your wall. Flaunt your love for Bob Marley with a carved wooden poster of your favourite artist.

Hang this Harry Potter Hogwarts Acceptance Letter on your wall

Game of Thrones Posters for your room by Woodgeek Store

Red Queen - Queen of Hearts - Alice in Wonderland Wooden Poster by Woodgeek Store

Add Zodiac Wood Wall Hangings To Your Gallery Wall

Your zodiac says so much about your persona. It is only apt that you include a zodiac artwork in your home decor plans.

Virgo Zodiac Wood Sign - Wooden Poster by Woodgeek Store

Wall art decor makes a home feel complete and helps pull a space together. It is the finishing touch that adds beauty to your home and transforms a simple functional house to a home that reflects your taste and style.

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