March 11, 2017 2 min read

Wooden Spectacle frames - Woodgeek Store
Introducing super light, durable wooden eyeglasses handcrafted from dark walnut wood, birch wood and rosewood.

We received so many queries for wooden spectacle frames in the past year that we have finally decided to launch them at the Woodgeek Store. Our all new wooden frames for prescription glasses are super light and durable. They are carved out of the finest dark walnut wood, birch wood and rosewood.

The Minimalist - Customized wooden eyeglasses - square spectacles - Woodgeek Store

Like all our other products, they can be personalized with a name, initials or any custom text on the temple of the spectacle and the bamboo box. The slim wooden frame of our optical lens eyeglasses is made from three layers to keep them thinner and durable.

The Geek: Wooden Round Eyeglasses

The Geek - wooden spectacles - round eyeglasses - Woodgeek Store

The geeks are taking over the world in their favourite fashion accessory: the Geek glasses from Woodgeek Store. Up your fashion quotient with the Geek rosewood spectacle frames. The Geek wooden eyeglasses is our take on the old-fashioned round frames. Go geek chic in our new nerdy wooden glasses. The Geek rosewood spectacle frames is the perfect round geek glasses. These wooden eyeglasses in a reddish brown colour will appeal to the nerd in you.

These lightweight wooden spectacles are carved out of the finest quality rosewood.

The Entrepreneur: Wooden Rectangle Spectacle Frames

The Entrepreneur - wooden rectangle spectacle frames - Woodgeek Store

The Entrepreneur walnut wood spectacle frames is the perfect rectangular wooden eyeglasses for official and formal occasions. The right addition to power dressing, these eyeglasses are perfect for entrepreneurs, team leaders, managers, businessmen, businesswomen or any other professional. Complete the executive look with our entrepreneur wooden rectangle spectacle frames. Exude power and look smart and professional in these wooden glasses.

These lightweight wooden spectacles are carved out of the finest quality walnut wood.

The Minimalist: Wooden Square Spectacles

The Minimalist - Wooden spectacle frames - Square Glasses from Woodgeek Store

The Minimalist wooden prescription glasses are for people who prefer minimalist designs to outlandish over-the-top ones. These wooden square spectacle has a basic frame that suits most face types. These super-light comfortable and sturdy wooden spectacle frames make the best everyday glasses. The Minimalist optical glasses are made from exotic walnut and birch.

These lightweight wooden spectacles are carved out of the finest quality walnut and birch.

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