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Win Woodgeek Personalized Wooden Sunglasses - Woodgeek Contest

If you don't already own a pair of Woodgeek sunglasses, it's time to beg, borrow or buy it because we're giving you a chance to win a pair of free Woodgeek wooden sunglasses personalized to your liking. All you have to do is upload your happiest picture in Woodgeek wooden sunglasses. Follow the rules below:

Shades Of Happiness Sunglasses Contest

1. Upload your happiest picture in Woodgeek wooden sunglasses on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

2. Like the post, tag 3 friends and share it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

3. Tag us in the picture with @woodgeekstore and use hashtags #Woodgeek and #ShadesOfHappiness

4.Three best pictures win personalized wooden sunglasses.

5. The contest will go on to 30th March 11 am and the winner will be announced on 1st April.


  • *The uploaded image must be your original work and not someone else’s property.
  • *You should have the right to submit the image for the contest.
  • *All images uploaded as part of the Contest can be used by Woodgeek Store for promotion without any further approval or compensation.

Customized and Engraved Wooden Sunglasses

Every pair of Woodgeek custom wood sunglasses can be personalized to your liking. Engrave a short text with a character limit of 15 on the temple of the sunglasses or engrave a special message or quote on the bamboo sunglasses case.

At the Woodgeek Store, we provide you good quality sunglasses with polarized lenses in different types of woods. Our personalized wood frame sunglasses is made from bamboo wood, rosewood, walnut wood and birch wood. The uniqueness of our wood polarized sunglasses lie not just in its customization, but in the wood frame sunglasses itself as wood grain patterns differ in every product. Our custom wood sunglasses come in a high-quality bamboo wood sunglasses box and jute pouch.

You can choose from the following wooden sunglasses:

The Journeyman Wooden Sunglasses

The Journeyman personalized wooden sunglasses - Woodgeek Store

The Journeyman wooden polarized sunglasses is one of the most popular style of Woodgeek wooden sunglasses. They are somewhat rectangular and therefore suits most faces. This is the perfect pair of wooden sunglasses to take on your holiday to the beach or a trek up the mountains as it is unique, water resistant, sturdy and yet lightweight.

The colour variations available are brown bamboo sunglasses, charcoal bamboo sunglasses and zebrawood sunglasses. The zebrawood pair has stripes in natural wood colours of dark and light brown. You can opt for wood frame sunglasses with reflective lenses in red and wooden sunglasses with blue reflective lenses or go for the classic brown tinge.

The Navigator Wooden Sunglasses

The Navigator Personalized Wooden Sunglasses from Woodgeek Store

The Navigator wooden sunglasses with polarized lenses are a classic. This wood frame sunglasses are for those who prefer fuss-free minimalist designs. This polarized wood sunglasses comes in a rectangular shape and is slightly bigger than The Journeyman wooden sunglasses, but the wood glasses frame is thinner than that of The Journeyman's wood frame. An added feature in this pair are the screws that let you interchange the lenses to prescription glasses. Choose from the rosewood Navigator sunglasses and walnut Navigator sunglasses.

The Librarian Wooden Sunglasses

The Librarian Cat eye Personalized Wooden Sunglasses - Woodgeek Store

The Librarian wooden sunglasses are classic cat eye glasses. They are definitely not for the faint-hearted. They are big, bold, unique and right up the style-o-meter. This personalized wooden sunglasses are available in green bamboo wood sunglasses and brown bamboo wood sunglasses. The green bamboo sunglasses have blue polarized reflective lenses.

The Retro Wooden Sunglasses

The Retro Personalized Round Wooden Sunglasses - Woodgeek Store

The Retro wooden polarized sunglasses are a variation of wooden round sunglasses. It is unique not just because it's wooden, but also because of its shape. They're stylish, slightly rounded, old-school and oh-so-retro. The options available for Retro wood frame sunglasses are brown bamboo sunglasses and charcoal bamboo sunglasses.

The Hipster Wooden Sunglasses

The Hipster Personalized Round Wooden sunglasses - Woodgeeek Store

The Hipster wooden sunglasses with polarized lenses are our bestselling wooden eyewear. This custom wood round sunglasses are reminiscent of John Lennon's glasses, but are not over-the-top big. Charcoal bamboo sunglasses, rosewood sunglasses and walnut wood sunglasses are the three option in our wooden round glasses.

The Biker Wooden Sunglasses

The Biker Personalized Bamboo Wood Sunglasses - Woodgeek Store

The Biker wooden polarized sunglasses are for all those who live for bouts of adrenaline rush. Take these wooden sunglasses out with you while riding as they are sturdy, lightweight and fashionable. Choose from our brown bamboo wood Biker sunglasses and charcoal bamboo wood Biker sunglasses.

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