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Personalized iPhone case, customized wooden iphone case

We know you love your iPhone. So we've made a list of the best iPhone accessories for you.

We understand the mini heart attack you get every time you drop your very expensive iPhone. Iphones aren't indestructible like the Nokia 3310, so it is only advisable to invest in a good phone case that is more than just a fashion accessory. A wooden iPhone case gives you a better grip and saves your phone from slipping out of your hand.

Customize your wooden iPhone case - Woodgeek Store

The iPhone may be getting smarter with every model, but it is also getting thinner and lighter. Shield your iPhone with a personalized wooden phone case from Woodgeek Store.

Personalized bamboo wood iPhone cases from Woodgeek Store

The wooden phone cases from Woodgeek Store will not only give your iPhone maximum protection - the sides are made of soft rubberized polycarbonate material to protect it in case of a fall, but will also help your phone stand out in the sea of iPhones.

Design your own wooden phone case with Woodgeek Store and personalize it with a photo, name, logo or a quote. You can also choose one of the pre-existing wooden phone cases from the website and personalize it with your name or initials.

Design your own wooden iPhone case with Woodgeek Store


Popular custom engraved photo iPhone wood cases

We make the best personalised love gifts at the Woodgeek Store. Upload a picture with your loved one and we will engrave it for you on our wooden phone case. A custom engraved photo wood phone case is the most romantic gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Wood engraved photo iPhone case - Woodgeek

A wooden iPhone case engraved with a couple photo


Engrave your family photo or a picture of your mother and father on a custom iPhone wood case. There is no better gift for the world's best dad and the world's best mom than a personalized wooden phone case.

Personalised wooden iPhone case for dad - Woodgeek Store

Customized wooden iPhone case - Woodgeek Store

Engrave your wooden iPhone case with a family photo


A custom photo iPhone wood case engraved with a picture of you or your loved one. Add a personal touch to your wooden phone case by engraving a picture of you on it or gift your loved one a photo engraved customized wooden phone case.

Personalized photo engraved wooden iPhone case - Woodgeek Store

A photo and name engraved iPhone case  - Woodgeek Store

Buy wooden iPhone case with photo - Woodgeek Store

Popular logo engraved personalized wooden iPhone cases

A personalized iPhone wood case engraved with a company name and logo. This makes for great corporate gifts! For bulk orders, mail us at

Logo engraved wooden iPhone case - Woodgeek Store

Personalised wooden iPhone case with company name & logo - Woodgeek Store

Personalized wooden iPhone case with company name from Woodgeek Store

Popular customized iPhone wood cases engraved with a name

Personalized wooden iPhone case with name engraved from Woodgeek Store

Popular custom engraved wooden iPhone cases engraved with a quote

Customized wooden phone case with Game of Thrones quote - Woodgeek Store

Once you are done uploading the image and text, you get to choose the type of wood for your phone case. After you've placed the order, our design team works on your design mockup. We email you the design mockup and when you approve, we engrave your product and ship it to you.

Types of Wood

Choose type of wood for wooden phonecase - Wodgeek Store


Here's how to order a customized wooden phone case:

1. Go to Woodgeek Store and choose phone cases from the collection drop down menu.

Woodgeek Store Homepage

2. In phone cases, click on the 'Customize your phone case' option according to the phone you have - Iphone 5 , 5s and Galaxy S5, S6 or Iphone 6, 6s, 6 plus, 6s plus.

Customize your wooden phone case - Woodgeek store

3. Select yes if you want to engrave a name or custom text and add the text. Once you select the option to adda custom image, you will get a choice to upload the image. Select your phone model and the wood you want to use for the phone case. Add to cart.

Customize your iPhone wood case - Woodgeek Store

4. Select a prepaid payment method - pay via debit card, credit card or net banking. We do not offer Cash on Delivery for customized products.

Payment Process for Woodgeek wooden phone cases

5. Once we receive your paid order, we will email you a design mock up in 3-5 working days. You can ask for changes in your design mockup. However, this will further delay your dispatch date. After you confirm the design mock-up, we engrave your product and ship it to you. Once we receive your order, our design team works on your design mock up.

Buy customized wooden iPhone case with photo - Woodgeek Store

6. Delivery to metro cities takes 3-5 working days and 6-7 working days for non-metro locations after we ship the product.


Image and Text Guidelines:

* Image Customization: We need to pick up every small detailing in the image for high quality engraving.

  • The image must be of high resolution at lease 3 MB or more.
  • It must be well lit and crisp with no blurring.
  • We accept only one image per product.

* Text Customization:

  • You can upload text in any language and we will do the engraving accordingly.

* Text and Image Customization:

  • Keep in mind the size of the wooden product you want the engraving on. For a phone case, the text should not be more than a few words for the image and text to fit well. A long text along with the image will make the product look cluttered.

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