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The good old days of keeping a diary

If Anne Frank hadn't recorded her days in the pages of a diary, we may never have known the truth about concentration camps. Che Guevara wouldn't have inspired millions of people to go on a soul-searching road trip if he hadn't kept a travel journal, which was later published as a book The Motorcycle Diaries and even made into a movie. Oprah Winfrey has spoken at length about the benefits of journaling.

Why should you keep a diary?

A feelings journal - Custom Wooden Notebook - Woodgeek Store

Leave something to posterity

Before mobile phones, laptops and tablets took over the world, people wrote down the dreary and interesting parts of their day in a diary. There is so much of our past we'd never have known had it not been for the diaries of great men and women. Your journal may never be published into a book or made into a movie, but you leave something of the 21st-century life for posterity.

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Nothing heals better than words

Maybe not for posterity, but write for yourself. Nothing heals better than words. Sometimes it's easier to write down feelings and emotions than explain it to somebody. It helps you gain perspective and clarity before you start talking about it to your friends and family. When I am confused about something, I write down the pros and cons of the situation. It is a great way to arrive at a decision without letting other people's thoughts cloud your decisions.

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Keeping memories alive

Life is made up of the little moments that we tend to forget. Old memories are constantly being replaced with new ones. As time passes, we only remember the faintest outlines of the big things that happened to us. But what about the little things that actually make up our lives? Writing down details of life that may seem mundane at the moment will be a treasure to read 10 years down the line.

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Diaries are great progress reports

Old diary entries make fascinating reads. It brings back all kinds of memories - little incidents that you've forgotten, hilarious anecdotes. They're also great progress reports. It shows you how far you've come.

What to write in a journal?

You can use your personalized journal to write anything and everything, to-do lists, doodles, reminders or all of those things. Writing is not only therapeutic but also makes you more productive. Here are some ideas for journaling:

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Keeping a work journal will make your job less stressful and make you more productive. Write down what you plan to achieve through the day and check list them at the end of the day. Write down the challenges you faced and list new ideas. Write down which ideas worked and which ones didn't. Every time you take an important decision, write down what you expect from it. Go back to this a few months later and compare the actual result with your expected result. This will give you are a fair idea of your strengths and areas you need to improve in. Keeping a record of your work will help you achieve more.

The Entrpreneur's Journal or Work Journal - Wooden Notebook - Woodgeek Store

The Entrpreneur's Journal or Work Journal - Wooden Notebook - Woodgeek Store

Coming up with your next best poem or story is not easy. Find inspiration in the most unlikely places and write them down in your poetry or writer's journal - bits of conversations overheard on the bus, new sights and sound, a quote to remember. Notebooks let you cross out words, revise them, find them again.

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Record the happenings of your day in a daily journal. You never know who decides to publish it some day!

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New ideas come spontaneously and haphazardly. Doodle all your ideas on your art journal the moment they occur to you no matter where you are.

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Writing things down when the emotions are raw and fresh will help you deal with life better and remember it better.

A Writer's Journal or Poetry Journal - Custom Bamboo Wood Notebook - Woodgeek Store

Travelling lets you experience new cultures, sights, smells, people and gives you time to reflect on life. Writing down these experiences as they occur is the only way to keep these special moments with you all your life. Writing a travel journal is an amazing way to connect with your journey in a way that photographs alone can’t always capture.

Travel Journal - Custom bamboo wood notebook - Woodgeek Store

Travel Journal - Custom bamboo wood notebook - Woodgeek StoreTravel Journal - Custom bamboo wood notebook - Woodgeek Store

We make mental notes of what we want to accomplish in a day or week, but end up being overwhelmed with the amount of work. The best way to achieve your daily/weekly/monthly tasks is to make lists. To-do lists will keep you ahead of your game. Instead of writing things down on pieces of paper or in an old notebook lying around, keep a to-do list journal. You can make grocery lists to daily tasks lists to bucket lists to keep you productive.

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Record your fitness journey. Writing down your exercise routine will help you keep track of the progress you are making. What you eat is as important as exercise. Keep a record of your food intake in your fitness journal. It will help you count your calories and be more accountable.

A Personal Diary - Daily Journal - Wooden Notebook - Woodgeek Store

The pen is mightier than the keyboard

The feel of giving life to your innermost thoughts on paper and the smell of a new personalized notebook cannot be substituted by a glowing computer screen. But that is not the only reason a real personalized notebook is better than an online diary. Research has shown that writing things down helps you remember it better because writing is a much more complex task - feeling the paper and moving the pen over it takes more effort than clicking on a button on your keyboard.

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There is something about holding a pen on paper that lets your creative juices flow. Writing enhances your cognitive ability. A physical custom notebook lets you cross out words, revise them, find them again.

Keeping a physical journal removes the fear of hacking. It is a lot more secure. While there are chances of people reading your journal, it is better than being put out on the internet for the world to read.

How to make your own wood journal?

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Make your own bamboo wood notebook customized to your liking and start journaling today! Woodgeek Store has bamboo notebooks for all your needs.

Step 1

Visit the notebooks collection page on Woodgeek Store. Click on the Customize your own bamboo wood notebook option.

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Step 2

Upload the image and add the text you want to be engraved on the notebook. You can add text on the bamboo pen too.

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Step 3

Check out and choose a prepaid payment option. No Cash on Delivery for custom orders.

Payment Process at Woodgeek Store

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